My Mission

Welcome friends

My mission is to help people to improve their health in the long run so I find scientifically proven facts and methods that have already been tried out to promote health and healthy eating plans that are easily accessible to all.
There is a lot of different information on the Internet that is unverified and hard to believe. Many sites want to sell you a standard or automated diet that works for everyone. But every organism is different and has different needs, so these diets do not work. A variety of products on the market that have not been tested like “magic” weight loss pills have no long-term effects or they may be harmful to your health.
My site is not funded by ads, any industry or corporations.

How I came up with this idea

I came up with the idea after working as a general practitioner for five years and contact with patients and all kinds of medical conditions. I was looking for solutions to help my patients for a long run. But conventional therapy and general healthy eating tips have not produced long-term results in many diseases. It wasn’t until I heard about the latest research into intestinal permeability, so I found my answer. The desire to promote health and more information for all made me to start this site.

About me

My name is Dr. Branko Siljanoski M.D, after graduating from Medical University in 2012, I worked as a general practitioner for the first five years. I have been researching and recommending the personal diet plans based on knowledge of intestinal permeability for the last 4 years. I currently live and practice medicine in Dusseldorf, Germany.